We’re proud to tell you we have some brand new tools that mean we can offer bespoke dry-aging! It’s a fascinating process with incredible benefits to both flavour and texture.


Dry-aging is the process in which any excess moisture is drawn from meat to reduce bacterial growth, thus allowing the meat to age for longer and the connective tissues to break down, making the meat tender and concentrating the flavour.


Our new dry-aging chambers help control that process by providing a cool, dry atmosphere with very stringent levels of temperature and relative humidity, along with Himalayan salt blocks, which help ensure most moisture is removed. Typically, this period can be anything from 14 to 60 days, with the average sitting at 28-30, but it can be decided by you, according to your taste… but remember the longer the period, the more intense the flavour will be… so it’s not for the faint hearted.

DRY-aged cuts

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We can help you choose a cut to your taste, weight for your needs, discuss & agree you’re ideal timing then store it in the dry-aging cabinets ready for you to collect and savour.

It can be a gift for a friend or loved one to celebrate a special occasion or just to show off to your friends at your weekend BBQ. Once you have chosen your cut of meat, we’ll tag it with your name, the date it entered the chamber and date it should be taken out.

Spaces in our cabinets are limited so are booked on a first come first served basis. Email us or call 020 7538 1288 to check availability and book your space.


Choose your cut

We’ll help you choose your prime cut for dry-aging. Something with the bone in, a good covering of fat cap and well marbled will produce the best results.

Choose your cut

Choose amount of days

This can be anything from 14-60 days. If you’re new to dry-aging we recommend no more than 28-30 days. If you have already acquired the taste feel free to be more adventurous!

Choose amount of days


Our dry-aging chambers will get to work maturing your meat. This is when the moisture is removed from the meat to allow the connective tissues to break down, tenderising and concentrating the flavour.


Collect your meat

After your meat has dry-aged for the specified amount of days, drop by our shop to collect it. You’re almost there…

Collect your meat


Take your meat home. Heat a grill, pan or barbecue to a high temparature then cook to your liking. There’s no need to season before cooking. Just sprinkle some sea salt once cooked, allow the meat to rest then enjoy. Congratulations you have reached your meat nirvana!


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