Love at first bite

Mankind has been using and abusing fire for at least a million years. Arguably, over the last few thousand years, we’ve got better and better at using it as a controlled method of cooking.

Today we have BBQ – the great art of cooking outdoors over a naked flame. Even over the last 20 years, things have changed. I bet you’re not reducing half a dozen bangers to charcoal like our parents generation!

Much has changed. There are now more choices than ever and we each have our preferences but whether you like a charcoal kettle grill, an oil drum grill, a gas grill or you can’t live without your pellet smoker we all have one thing in common. That unmistakeable, delicious taste of flame grilled meat!

Barbecue isn’t just reserved for those brief glimpses of summer either. You can do it all year round. Sure, nobody wants to be stood outside on a cold rainy day so why not just change your barbecue style. For example, as those autumn evenings draw in you might want to use your barbecue to roast or braise some lovely slow cooked comfort dishes to add a smoky flavour.

Each BBQ has a number of ways to use it. Indirect heat for low and slow, smoky flavours – perfect for bigger or tougher cuts. Direct grilling to quickly seal in all the succulent juices on finer cuts or even a mixture of both to get smoky cuts that are beautifully caramelised on the outside.

Regardless of oven type, technique or talent though, there’s one thing you can’t do without and that is beautiful raw materials. Well reared, perfectly prepared, delicious cuts of meat… and that’s where we can help.

Why does flame-grilled
meat taste so delicious?

Adding heat to meat provokes something scientists call The Maillard Reaction. In short, the heat breaks down the meats’ proteins into amino acids. These react with the meats naturally occurring sugars giving you a big brown mass of beautiful caramelisation. Delicious. This is the key. Master this – become a BBQ Jedi.

Where do I get the best cuts for BBQ?

Many of you already know but no worries if you don’t because we do. We constantly select the best cuts for you to grill, smoke or braise on your barbecue kit of choice. Our range of BBQ cuts are available to pre-order on our App for click & collect so you can build your own perfectly personalised BBQ Box.

BBQ Boxes for any occasion

These boxes have something for everyone! Having a get together with family or friends? You’ll have it covered with one of our BBQ boxes. Too much for one BBQ? Spread it out over a few BBQ’s by popping everything in the freezer and taking bits out when you fancy a quick barbie. Sorted.

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The flavours and finishes

So, you’ve chosen your cuts for the best flavours that nature supplies but don’t stop there. Let’s throw in some of your favourite herbs and spices for that authentic first-class BBQ finish. Let’s talk business. Let’s talk sauces, rubs and oils.


Sauces add great flavour and texture to meat and can be used in a variety of ways.

They can be applied to meat before cooking as a marinade. Marinades are designed to enhance the flavour of meats from before cooking even begins and are an important part of a pitmaster’s repertoire.

They can be added during cooking to enhance the caramelisation. And prevent the surface of the meat from burning.

They can also be kept for after cooking and applied before eating.

As you can see, we have a healthy range of sauces available to order on our App.


Rubs are a mixture of herbs and spices used to season meat before cooking.

Massage the rub into the meat and let it marinade in the fridge for at least an hour before cooking for extra flavour. If you really like a full flavour then leave it overnight! This method allows the flavour to penetrate the meat more deeply. The intermingling of the seasoning and meat juices alters the original flavour of both the rub and the meat. This gives a richer, more complex flavour. Rubs also help to form a savoury crust or bark which is especially nice on Brisket.

We have put together our own range of rubs that are suitable for Beef, Pork, Lamb and Poultry. These are all available to order on our App.


Yare Valley Rapeseed Oils are perfect for cooking with high temperatures which makes them ideal for BBQ unlike olive oil which will burn.We have a range of Yare Valley oils available to order on our App.

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