For both moral and culinary reasons nothing is more important to us than animal welfare standards and sustainability.

Because of this our relationships with suppliers are actually age-old, proven partnerships. We know exactly where and how their livestock has been fed and reared.

We have worked together to deliver the highest possible quality standard of produce to our customers. And we are incredibly proud of that.


All of our prime beef is locally sourced from Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Colchester. These cows roam for up to 72 months and feed on grass, silage and often finished on grain. Main breeds in use are Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn & Limousin.

Our cattle are hand selected each week based on a grading system whereby only the top 2 tiers of grades make the cut, which helps enhance consistency around size and quality.

We can offer a range of Pedigree breeds, from our friends at Mount Grace Farm, North Yorkshire, on request.

All of our pork is outdoor reared and carefully selected for us by farmers within the Waveney Valley, between Suffolk and Norfolk. 

The piglets are reared outdoors and forage on a diet of leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers, in addition to the main corn and soybean blend.

Breeds include Duroc, Landrace & Middle Whites.

We do offer a rare breed option On request, from our friends Brook Farm in Burnham on Crouch, who can supply us a range of Pedigree pigs, reared on and around the Mersea marshes.



Our lamb derives from the Essex salt marshes, the Shropshire hills and as far a field as the Scottish mountains. 

Breeds consist of a mix between Texel, Saltmarsh, Black Face, Romney, Dorset Down & Suffolk, all free roaming, foraging from the land.

Over the years we feel we have perfected the art of enhancing both the flavour and the texture of meat via our dry ageing process, which works predominantly in two ways. 

Firstly, moisture is evaporated from the muscles, creating a greater concentration of flavour. Secondly the meats natural enzymes break down the connective tissues in the muscle, which leads to more tender meat.

We regularly dry aged beef to 30 days, lamb to 15 and pork to 10 but can age longer on request.



Our Higher Welfare poultry comes from Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, the breeds raised are Cobbs and Ross and are reared humanely in accredited environments. 

Our Free Range poultry is from Heywood farm in Somerset and consists of slow grown Cotswold Hubbards and Ross birds, free to roam throughout the day across 300 acres of land…until at least 60 days old!

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