Schweinekrustenbraten with Root Vegetables

By Bavaria


Introducing Bavaria

It’s that time of year with the weather feeling more autumnal when we start to look towards comfort food to keep us fed and warm.

As we’re in October, when the famous Oktoberfest festival is held, what could be more fitting than that authentic Bavarian dish ‘Schweinekrustenbraten’. Try saying that with your mouth full, I hear you say :)

Directly translated from German, Schweinebraten means pork roast or roasted pork (schwein = pig and braten = roasted). The ‘krusten’ part is crackling that forms during the time spent in the oven. So essentially, Schweinekrustenbraten is roast pork with crackling.

For best results, we recommend Rolled Pork Shoulder as the best cut for this dish. A flavourful cut with plenty of marbling to ensure the meat stays moist and juicy after hours of slow cooking. More marbling means more flavour.

Affordable and easier to make than it is to pronounce! Here’s a recipe and instructions if you’d like to give it a go…

Schweinekrustenbraten with Root Vegetables

(Serves 4 - 6)

2kg Rolled Pork Shoulder
Pork Rub
Onion Gravy
6 x Garlic Cloves
1 x Large Onion (diced)
3 x Carrots (diced)
3 x Parsnips (diced)
3 x Large Potatoes (diced)
2 Bottles of Dark Beer

Order your meat on our App or Online for delivery or click & collect

Order your meat on our App or Online for delivery or click & collect


– Turn the oven on to 180°C.
– Score the pork shoulder fat cap/skin. This helps the crackling form and looks great for presentation points. Rub it well on all sides with the Pork Rub and place it in a roasting pan with a rack.
– Roast the pork shoulder in the middle of the oven for about 1 hour. – Just before taking it out peel and dice all the vegetables in 1 inch or so cubes.
– Place the vegetables around the meat and pour the two beers over them and the meat.
– Put the pork roast and the vegetables back in the oven and roast for around 1 and a half hours. About half way through check to see if the liquid is getting low. If so, add a bit more beer or a little bit of water. Baste the vegetables with the pan juices and continue to roast.
– You may need to roast a little longer than the total of 2.5 hours – check the internal temperature of the meat – if it’s 68°C in the centre, the meat is cooked.
– Keep an eye on the crackling and adjust the oven temperature up towards the end if it is not dark enough and not bubbling.
– If you notice the skin getting dark too fast then lower the temperature of your oven to 160°C until the internal temp of the meat is 68°C.
– Remove pork from the pan and rest on a cutting board before slicing.
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